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Show responsibility with responsibility, and bravely climb the

February 09, 2021

HIKARI President Wu Liangjie

Show responsibility with responsibility, and bravely climb the "lighthouse" with innovation. Destined to be recorded in the annals of history and extremely extraordinary 2020, HIKARI not only demonstrated the corporate image of daring to assume social responsibility, but also demonstrated the corporate core of innovation leading technological development.

In the early stage of the epidemic, HIKARI actively participated in the fight against the epidemic, working overtime to ensure rapid expansion to the protective material production line in the first time; in the resumption of production, more automated and intelligent sewing equipment was used to alleviate the problem of insufficient workers.

When Rhino Intelligent Manufacturing uncovered its mystery and became a "lighthouse factory", HIKARI  as the main supplier of Zhongdao sewing equipment, was the only one invited to attend the press conference, and its innovative attitude attracted the attention of the industry.

HIKARI 's innovation has made a major breakthrough, helping the garment factory's production line to become less humanized or even unmanned, and to intelligent management. Among them, the "unmanned workstation" with automatic opening hem developed by HIKARI  Research has completed the preparations for mass production. It will be further verified in future applications and is expected to become a phenomenon-level "HIKARI  New Technology" in the future.

The Internet of Everything, HIKARI 's pioneering research and creation of the data factory technology based on the IOT technology framework has achieved leapfrog development. More and more companies cooperate with HIKARI  to start the first year of digital smart factory production.

In 2021, the market situation will become more severe. HIKARI  will be confident and enterprising. It will go hand in hand with its supply chain, channels and partners from all walks of life to overcome the difficulties together. With more advanced technology and better quality, it will live up to all concerns. Support HIKARI 's leaders, friends and partners, give HIKARI  a reputation of "quick and easy to use", and continue to pursue the value of use of global users.

Hereby, I sincerely wish everyone a happy new year, peace, peace and happiness, and luck!

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