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Disclosure: HIKARI’s promise from a grateful letter

March 07, 2021

The worker team of HIKARI had installed over 400 sets of machines in three days and it is over the expectation of customer to start the production in time.


 The customer satisfied not only the high quality of HIKARI products, but also the service of fast respond to customer’s requirement, so the customer feel worriless to use any of HIKARI products.


 On the 25th, February, one customer sent a grateful letter to HIKARI company, thanks for delivering the goods in the first time, then arrange for installment and adjustment in the first time, so the customer can start to produce in the first time.


To meet the customer’s requirement of production in time, for accomplishing this very tough task, HIKARI takes action at once, delivery the machines in time and at the same time, send out 6 well-trained staff to install and adjust the machine.


For accomplishing this tough task, the well-trained pioneering staffs of HIKARI, they have showed their powerful ability to finish the work of installment and adjustment in due time.


At the past time, because of the excellent quality and fast respond to customer’s requirement, the customers always continue to choose the HIKARI products when they establish new factories. and this time the customer is also very satisfied with the HIKARI’s hard work again, so they send a grateful letter to Mr. wu liangjie who is the chairman of HIKARI(shanghai) precise machinery science &technology co., ltd. to show their appreciate for the support of HIKARI 25th, February, they also said that it’s their honor to be partner with HIKARI.


HIKARI has done all of his promise to supply high quality products and excellent service to all his customers.

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