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Inspired with having one more triumph in the same contest !!!

March 08, 2021

it’s right time for battle directly under the situation of competition between Chinse sewing equipment and the world class brand as well as India's

recently, one garment manufacturer from India had a final option : to buy HIKARI’S a series of equipment from made-in-china instead of originals(world brand), based on the test outcoming through the same patterns including interlock, overlock series etc. for several months.


I was told that this garment factory used the world-class brand only before, and the products sell out in Europe and American market mainly  ;Moreover she planned to set up new plants, therefore she is determined to select highly upgraded-technology and automation in the  equipment purchasing  to apply for the trend of higher-quality and labor cost-saving.


All the brands are tested toughly inclusive of HIKARI in the equal condition , This factory adopts the mold of the same contest for optimized-service and edged-quality .It was wittedness that HIKARI stand out by its own fabulous performance with quality.

Ultimately, both sides agreed to sign the contract . All the sewing equipment required in the assembles are in the need of HIKARI’S solemnly inclusive of the whole factory’s a baskets of promoted solution.

At present, HIKARI, the entire factory goes all out for full orders burden before the Chinese Spring Festival to satisfy this factory’s order demand that the new plant-starting  at the end of Mar. and the other’s regulatory orders.

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