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Hikari works hard working for stand-by order.

March 09, 2021

Before Chinese New Year, caused the in short supply, Hikari arranged more workers and planned overtime everyday until the day of New Year eve.


After Chinese New Year, as more and more purchasing, most of Hikari machines were in short supply, even the new technical machines、 special machines were getting lots of orders, meanwhile Hikari go back to beginning work on third day after New Year eve.


According several years improve, Hikari gets especially increase in Chinese market. With the incoming 2021 year, Hikari workers have a very good job and best power to deal with the coming purchase orders.


So many trucks full of Hikari machines were dispatched to each area of Chinese every-day. The numbers are dull, but the numbers can just show the hot selling of Hikari productions. Only the first season’s sales had cover the half year of 2020, even some area had finished sales target of the whole year. Sales double becomes true from dreams.


ll success is achieved by hard work. Hikari’s hot selling and increasing order are because of focusing on the development of sewing equipment、 focusing on the new technical for each model、 focusing on high service. Let clients satisfied with Hikari.


As Years of focus and accumulation, Hikari rise up strongly, regarding with the stand-by orders from 2021, the version of Hikari will get better and better.

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