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Awesome Made-in China products ,HIKARI customizes sewing equipment for branded garments

March 10, 2021

As brand clothing, how to make brand characteristics, especially iconic product characteristics, consistence is a very important problem in the production process.


At the end of January 2021, a Vietnamese clothing company sent an order to the HIKARI Vietnam office, requesting an order for HIKARI’s new HSAT-K7 auto Adidas straps feeding machine. In addition to ordering this model, other models of equipment from HIKARI were also ordered.


It is understood that HSAT-K7 is a straps feeding machine developed by HIKARI for brand clothing. "Three straps" is a unique feature of brand clothing. During the sewing process, the "Threes traps" must always keep the lines straight, keep the lines flat and not wrinkled, keep the same width between the lines, etc. It has always been a technical problem. After all, there are thousands of people and every worker has different sewing skills. Even the same worker cannot guarantee that every sewing can maintain the same level of requirements.


HIKARI, with innovative genes, decided to overcome this artificially difficult problem. After many technical researches and long-term repeated tests, the standby performance was completely stable before it was released on the market in mid-January 2021. After trying the special machine, users are not only satisfied with the powerful performance and sewing quality of the special machine, but also have a stronger trust in the product power of the HIKARI brand that is not inferior to the international brand. This is why they are purchasing HSAT-K7 and also with other models of HIKARI products .


This special machine for straps can not only perfectly present the "three straps", but also realize the customer's demand for "multiple straps". This also demonstrates the compatibility provided by the HIKARI brand in the use of products from another aspect, so that the products can provide customers with more choices in practical applications, meet the needs of different production scenarios, and create more value.

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