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Start with sample machine, more users choose HIKARI

April 09, 2021


The same model of product, HIKARI's price is 50% higher than competitors , but the customer chose to give up the original brand sewing equipment and replace all of them with HIKARI products.


Why the customer finally choose HIKARI ? HIKARI’s dealers have simple summarized : HIKARI’s products provide more new technologies and its performance is more stable. This is not only the dealer's words,its because the customer chose HIKARI with confidence after comparing products data with various brands.


As a dealer, after the customer chose HIKARI, I would like to express my gratitude to HIKARI for providing them with a very good "weapons". Among similar competing products, we can always fight a beautiful victory. The most important thing is that it has literally created more value for users and won the trust of customers. After all, every factory will make careful calculations on how to purchase more cost-effective sewing equipment. After careful calculation and comparison, they will naturally choose products with higher profits.


Some dealers only provide a sample machine for customers to use, and soon after the customer tried it out, they replaced all the sewing equipment they used with HIKARI brand sewing machines.HIKARI product not afraid comparing ,only afraid users don’t know our product,Turns out the products provided by HIKARI are indeed more advanced in technology, more efficient, and more stable in performance.


For HIKARI, in 2020, "Replace old machine with a higher-quality sewing machine", which gave the strongest voice to the market and received a enthusiastic response in the market. Today, HIKARI, which focusing on new technology and automation, adopted more advanced technology and higher quality to bring more confidence to partners and create higher efficiency and higher value for users

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