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Experience activity, HIKARI new launch products showing great power

September 08, 2021

If the new products are easy to use or not? It is not announced by the company,  its the most objective and true evaluation from customer after they uses it.

However, the experience activity itself is a double-edged sword. Once the  experience is unsatisfa, for the HIKARI, it is undoubtedly a smashing reputation.

However, HIKARI recently started another wave of "experience activity" and launched offline global experience activities for its new product HX68S, the purpose of which is to let more customers understand why HIKARI products have a reputation of "faster and easier, the more you use the better" .

The courage to carry out this experience activity is based on HIKARI's confidence in the victory of "same field competition".

This is not only absolute confidence in product quality, but also confidence in leading the application of new technologies. Among them, this product has a "HIKARI unique skill"-the self-cooling device system, which has made it in an outstanding position among similar products. The high temperature of the casing caused by high-speed operation is an important "lethal effect" that affects the stability of the machine. HIKARI uses this self-developed system to solve the industry "pain points", keep the machine stay normal temperature at high speed sewing , avoid various types of machine failures caused by high temperature.

Facts have proved that this experience activities has allowed more companies to feel the absolute power of HIAKRII products, choose faster and stronger products, and put more HIKARI products on the production line, creating a technological, fashionable and charming "HIKARI Purple "Landscape.

For HIKARI, every experience product event is not only a test of the quality of HIKARI products, but also a blessing of positive impression of the HIKARI brand.

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